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Clean clean ☆
28 June 2013. 11:30

And so and so!!
Today, we’ll be getting some wonderful people to introduce an item from chapter 2 of the goods,

☆Sonar electric toothbrush

which we didn’t get the chance to introduce the last time!

Let’s start with this person, as usual! ☆ Ta-da! ♪

↑ Today’s solo shot! ♪Of dancer Lico-nyan ☆


↑A refreshing face!! Dancer Suba-sama! ☆

The item is helping Suba-sama and Lico-nyan to keep clean. (laugh)

This item comes with a cap imprinted with the tour’s visual and logo ♪

It’s an exciting item, whether for use in school or at work, or of course for daily use, or even as a travel item ♪

Everyone, please do check it out-! ☆

And so-!!!
Tomorrow’s Nagoya! ☆
Nagoya people, are you ready—–!!!!!!!

A-CHORUS ★ miccie