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Nagoya backstage ☆ KAZUMA
1 July 2013. 12:00

Hello everyone!! Kazuma will be updating the tour blog today (・`ω´・ )

This time, we’ll be infiltrating the backstage area, where everyone seldom gets to see!

So, let’s go-

“What’s there to see-?… Ah!!”

As expected at Nagoya!! Spotted some hitsumabushi!!

“Shall we eat it? Who does it belong to??”

“Hmm?! Is that troupe leader’s room?! Nobody seems to be around, shall we go inside?!!”

“Look, the door’s ajar! Yosh!”

“Let’s go!!”

“Ah! (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚)”

Security guys: “Don’t think you can just enter when nobody’s looking! Humph!”

“I knew it… (´・ω・`;) But we were so close…”

“Anything else… Ah!”

“Here’s the wardrobe with all of troupe leader’s costumes! Yosh, let’s go inside”

“The door here is slightly ajar too! Let’s go!”

“Ah! (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚)”

Wardrobe’s H-san: “You idiot, are you trying to ruin the surprise for all those coming to watch the show?! Humph!”

“I knew it… (´・ω・`;)”

The infiltration has failed, but troupe leader really has lots of cute and cool costumes in store, so please come to the LIVE and see them in person!!

The A troupe will be waiting (・`ω´・ )/