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It’s Nagoya GYAA-!
1 July 2013. 12:30

Yaaay!! Nagoya——-!!!

We’re back———–!!!!!

Yes, after that time in April, we’re back at Nagoya again-! ♪

Firstly, let’s check in on Day 3 at Nagoya!!

Well, it’s Nagoya, so as expected!!

All the Nagoya people have powered up too!! (laugh)
Wow-, Nagoya power! We received so much of it!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We didn’t lose out to everyone too, sending out all our feelings with all our mights on stage!!

Yes yes ♪

If not, we wouldn’t have matched up to your power..

And so, we went off for some catered food ♪

There’s lots of delicious-looking food today too ♪( ´θ`)ノ

…Then, we spotted dancer KO-chan, in the middle of his lunch..

↑ He’s hiding from the camera.
He’s a shy one! (laugh)

And that was Day 3 at Nagoya!! Thank you so much!!

Lastly, we infiltrated the guy dancers’ room~☆ Everyone, please smile! (^▽^)
And so, look forward to reading the entries from Day 4 at Nagoya- ☆

A-CHORUS ★ miccie