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Marine Messe Fukuoka ☆ Memorial commemorative photos!!!
6 May 2013. 09:20

The 2days at Marine Messe Fukuoka!

The shows ended on the very highest note!

On both days, there were so many people even hours before the start of the shows, and the queues at all the various booths saw no end of customers! w(^o^)w

As for the concerts…

It’s definitely the hometown!!! (^_-)v

Long before show start, the cheers rang out and echoed without stop, and the whole place was filled with steam as we sweated in the heat in these 2 exciting days \(^_^)/

And then, we took so—- many commemorative photos of everyone who came to take part in the Marine Messe Fukuoka shows! (≧∇≦)

Firstly, Day 1 ☆

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): I love ayu; I love ayu-chan; ayu-chan LOVE

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): I love ayu; ayu LOVE

*Uchiwa note: I am Ryuuga

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): ayu; Wave at me

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): Thank you for always, I love you; ayu-chan

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): ayu LOVE; I love the troupe

*Banner note: Thank you for all your love

Next, Day 2 ☆

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): Kazuma; I love ayu; SHU-YA; Team 2-YAN; I love ayu; Hiroshima; SHU-YA LOVE; SYU Power Bomb

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): Satoru; I love Midori; Shu-chan; Subaru

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): ayu; ayu

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): Peace at me, ZIN; Subaru; Satoru LOVE

*Uchiwa note: The troupe, MY ALL

*Uchiwa note: I love ayu

*Uchiwa notes (L-R): Congrats on 15th; ayu LOVE

There were really so many wonderful cosplayers at Fukuoka, and these wonderful commemorative photos of cosplay costumes are so fitting for troupe leader ayu’s 15th Anniversary (⌒▽⌒)/

Thank you so much to everyone who cooperated with our photographers!

The Yokohama shows are next!!!

With the power from Marine Messe Fukuoka, let’s get super hot and high at Yokohama Arena too!