To commemorate the release of live DVD/Blu-ray “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~”, ayupan figurines and sticker sets are going on sale!

Sales will begin at mu-mo shop on 8 March (Fri) 19:00 onward~


ayupan figurines (11 designs)

Price: ¥500 each

The live DVD/Blu-ray ayupans come in 10 different designs featuring the costumes from “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~”, with an additional secret ayupan to make up a total of 11 designs!!
Furthermore, the electric costume from “kiss o’ kill” comes in 3 different colours of WHITE, PINK and BLUE. The secret ayupan features a gakuran ayupan with sunglasses. A joyful set that just needs to be collected!

*No choosing of ayupans can be made during purchase. There are 13 different ayupan designs (including the secret ayupan and different “kiss o’ kill” coloured ayupans), so look forward to see which one you will get.
*The “kiss o’kill” ayupan featured in the image is the PINK version.


ayupan stickers

Clear stickers

Reusable stickers

Price: ¥1,300 per set

Each set includes 1 sheet of clear stickers featuring the 10 ayupans in different costumes, plus 2 pieces of jumbo-sized reusable stickers.
The reusable stickers can be taken off and transferred to another surface, and comes in 5 different designs ♪
Each set comes with 1 sheet of clear stickers and any 2 pieces of reusable stickers!

*No choosing of reusable stickers can be made during purchase. Look forward to see which of the 5 designs you will get.


More items to be made on sale soon include “LOVE light”, a lighting device featuring an ayupan sitting on the stage set “LOVE”!
More details will be revealed soon ♪

▼mu-mo Special page OPEN from 4 March 16:00 onward!

*Sales will only begin from 8 March 2013 (Fri) 19:00. Access to the site is available before this, but no purchases can be made.
*Please note that site access may differ for each time zone.
*No cancellations can be made once purchases have been made.
*The fanclub will not answer inquiries about the product, purchase instructions or delivery details. Please direct your inquiries to mu-mo shop.