The linked gifts for the 5-month consecutive releases are finally revealed!!

On 8 April 2013, new 15th Anniversary commemoration song will be available for download!

Members who have collected all 5 serial numbers will receieve 2 big gifts as well as a chance to enter a lottery to win 5 big prizes!!


Confirmed gifts! Download specials!

Gift 1: 15th Anniversary commemoration song
Gift 2: PC wallpaper featuring a never-before-released photo (Original ver.)
Gift 3: “TeamAyu limited” PC wallpaper featuring a never-before-released photo (TeamAyu ver.)

<When to download>
8 April 2013 ~ 31 May 2013
*Just key in the 5 serial numbers within this period for immediate download access.

<How to download>
Key in the 5 serial numbers to form 1 set, available for 1 download.
*Compatible for download on PC, feature phones, smartphones (including iPhone/Xperia), and tablets. Not compatible with PHS.

*Gift 3 is only available for download by TeamAyu members.


Get these super rare items! 5 special gifts!

Special Gift 1: By lottery, 10 winners will get front row seats to nationwide arena tour “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary Tour ~A BEST LIVE~”!
*10 pairs of front row seats to be won for any of the following shows!
– 4 May (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka
– 12 May (Sun) Yokohama Arena
– 30 June (Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall
– 7 July (Sat) Sekisuiheim Super Arena (Grande 21)
– 21 July (Sun) Osaka Jou Hall
*Tickets must be redeemed by the winner personally on the concert day.

Special Gift 2: 3 winners will get one of ayu’s personal items!

Special Gift 3: 1 winner will get a handwritten copy of ayu lyrics!
*The winner can choose any song in ayu’s discography to have the lyrics written out by ayu herself.

Special Gift 4: “TeamAyu limited” By lottery, 2 winners will get to become chorus members for a new song released in 2013!

Special Gift 5: “TeamAyu limited” By lottery, 10 winners will get a personal autograph from ayu!

<Open Period / Results Announcement>
Open Period: 8 March 2013 00:00 ~ 31 March 2013 23:59
Results Announcement: 8 April 2013

*Gifts 4 & 5 are only available for TeamAyu members.

*5 serial numbers make up 1 entry, which makes the customer eligible to win all 5 prizes.


▼Key in your serial numbers here!!!



*5 serial numbers come together to make 1 set, which allows for 1 download and 1 lottery entry.
*To download the free gifts, just access this URL ( on the PC, feature phone or smartphone (iPhone included). However, some feature phones cannot submit lottery entries properly, so please submit your entries using another device.
*Gifts may be changed without prior notice.
*Serial numbers will not be reissued under any circumstances.
*Entries submitted after the open period will not be entertained under any circumstances.
*Inquiries about the lottery process will not be entertained.