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【Oricon】 Hamasaki Ayumi, first solo artiste to surpass 50,000,000 in sales. “A record for all the fans”

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33) has set an unprecedented big record 14 years and 4 months after her debut in April 1998. With statistics up to the week of 20/8 (from 6/8~12/8) for Oricon’s Weekly Album Rankings, the total sales of her 110 works, including 65 singles and 45 albums, has reached 50,023,000 copies. This is the first time in history that a solo artiste has surpassed the 50,000,000 mark in single/album sales.

Hamasaki, who already holds several records as a solo artiste, now has one more medal to add to her name. Ever since Oricon established its ranking system in January 1968, only 3 artiste acts have surpassed the 50,000,000 mark in single/album sales: B’z (on 13/7/1998), Mr.Children (26/3/2007), and 5 years and 5 months later, Hamasaki now. For solo artistes, the current No.2 is Matsutouya Yumi with sales of 38,390,000. (For solo male artistes, Fukuyama Masaharu holds the top spot with sales of 21,633,000)

Hamasaki’s other records as a solo artiste include: for singles, “Number of consecutive No.1s” (25), “Number of No.1s” (37), “Number of consecutive years as No.1” (12), “Number of million-sellers” (5), “Number of consecutive years with million-sellers” (4), “Overall sales” (21,416,000) and “Number of Top 10s” (48). For albums, she holds the record for “Number of consecutive years as No.1” (13).

With regards to this big record, Hamasaki has this comment. “When I debuted, I never imagined that I could get to where I am now. Lots of people gave me support, and I’m really happy to be able to set such a huge record. This is not Hamasaki Ayumi’s record, but one for all the fans who have been giving me their continuous support. I wish to continue delivering myself through song, so please continue to support me”. With this emotion, she continues her position as top runner in the industry.