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July 1st☆HOTEL Love songs Nagoya Branch!!!
1 July 2012. 12:53

It’s July. We’re entering the second half of 2012.

Did everyone spend their time well?

Yesterday, we had Day 3 of HOTEL Love songs at the Nagoya branch, and as expected of Nagoya!!!

By the second song, the venue was billowing with steam and high tension, and we partied hard with all the passion and closed shop successfully!!!

So, here are some commemorative photos from yesterday’s stayover, presented with a DOOOOON!

The paint on her back was wonderful ☆

And then, today is the final day at the Nagoya branch!!!

The HOTEL troupe promises to give our best without holding back, so that this will be the best stayover for everyone who will be coming later. So, we sincerely await everyone’s arrival.

Let’s scream and sing and jump and party today until we melt the venue down with our steam and sweat!!!