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24 June 2012. 19:15

Everyone, good evening!!

I am performer katsuyuki, and I’ll be updating the blog this time (^^)

This is my first time writing an entry, so I’m a little anxious (>_<)

A quick topic change! Niigata’s rice is delicious~ Σ(゜д゜lll)
It was really so delicious and full of impact, so I made it the first topic of this entry! (laugh)

And so, let’s leave that!

Yesterday, the HOTEL Love songs tour
finally opened its Niigata branch!
The Niigata branch was only open for 1 day, but somehow…

We all got really high~!!!!!

“Let’s really spend all our energy today and go all out!”
The customers’ thoughts really reached us (^-^)/

There are quite a few occassions where there is so much power I can physically feel it,
but I’m still thankful that everyone helped us to feel that this time!
Of course, I would also like to thank general manager, the staff, band, dancers, performers and lots of other people!!

Everyone, please continue to show us your passionate support!

Alright, let me blog a little more ♪(´ε` )

Actually, after the Niigata branch, we had a separate event.

And that was…

The 4th katsuyuki event

All the men participated (^_-)

By the way, I’m the director of the katsuyuki event! (laugh)

I’m sure everyone is wondering why I’m the director, and what the katsuyuki event is anyway.


Everyone, please let this answer ease your doubts, and watch over this event kindly (^^) (laugh)

After saying that, the event is me doing a toast before kanpai! (laugh)

So, it’s been a long entry, and it’s time to say goodbye!

katsuyuki hopes to end off with a photo of the No.1 delicacy at this katsuyuki event!

Huge oysters!

Niigata LOVE(^з^)-☆