UPDATE (27/6/2012): 6 additional shows in autumn added!!


UPDATE (11/4/2012): Update on 14~15/4 Osaka shows!

Seats originally reserved for machinery/equipment will now be open to the public! Seats for both shows in Osaka (14~15 April) will be available.

Sale Time: 11 April 18:00 ~ Tickets sell out
Sale URL: http://eplus.jp/ha-osaka/

UPDATE (26/3/2012): Additional tour date added!
UPDATE (23/3/2012): Tour logo updated!


Tour dates for ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ are out!

Date                            Venue
2012/4/7(Sat) Saitama Super Arena
2012/4/8(Sun) Saitama Super Arena
2012/4/14(Sat) Osaka Jou Hall
2012/4/15(Sun) Osaka Jou Hall
2012/4/21(Sat) Fukuoka Marine Messe
2012/4/22(Sun) Fukuoka Marine Messe
2012/5/3(Thu.PH) Fukui Sun Dome
2012/5/4(Fri.PH) Fukui Sun Dome
2012/5/12(Sat) Yokohama Arena
2012/5/13(Sun) Yokohama Arena
2012/5/19(Sat) Kobe World Memorial Hall
2012/5/20(Sun) Kobe World Memorial Hall
2012/5/26(Sat) Nippon Gaishi Hall
2012/5/27(Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall
2012/6/9(Sat) Hokkaido Kitayell
2012/6/16(Sat) Sekisuiheim Super Arena
2012/6/17(Sun) Sekisuiheim Super Arena
2012/6/23(Sat) Niigata Toki Messe
2012/6/30(Sat) Nippon Gaishi Hall
2012/7/1(Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall
2012/7/7(Sat) Hiroshima Green Arena
2012/7/8(Sun) Hiroshima Green Arena
2012/7/21(Sat) Osaka Jou Hall
2012/7/22(Sun) Osaka Jou Hall
2012/7/28(Sat) Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
2012/7/29(Sat) Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
2012/8/11(Sat) Fukuoka Marine Messe
2012/8/12(Sun) Fukuoka Marine Messe
2012/9/1(Sun) Kobe World Memorial Hall *ADDED*
2012/9/2(Sat) Kobe World Memorial Hall *ADDED*
2012/9/19(Wed) Osaka Jou Hall *ADDED*
2012/9/20(Thu) Osaka Jou Hall *ADDED*
2012/10/10(Wed) Yoyogi National First Gymnasium *ADDED*
2012/10/11(Thu) Yoyogi National First Gymnasium *ADDED*


■All seats are ¥8,500
※ Free for kids below 3.
※ Door open and show start times are subject to change.