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Memories of Stayover ☆ 2 days at Nagoya!
9 June 2012. 12:17

Hello, everyone.

This update has come late again… m(._.)m

The Nagoya branch a few days ago had been high-tension all the way, from the group welcoming general manager at Nagoya station, to the 2 days of live, to the final send-off! Σ( ̄□ ̄)

Our hotel closed shop successfully, in the midst of everyone’s passion.

Sincere thanks to everyone who stayed over m(_ _)m

So, we’ll be uploading some photos of the memories of stayover during the 2 days at the Nagoya branch ☆(^-^)/

Full of energy, they looked great in colorful fashion ♪(*^^*)

High-level HOTEL Love songs look, with details like the stitched-on eye mask ☆(^_-)

Appealing with handmade uchiwas!!!!

The popularity of the pink uniform among cosplayers is undeniable ☆(*^_^*)

Thank you to everyone for cooperating with us to take photos!

Having received lots of smiles and power from everyone, the HOTEL troupe promises to upgrade and reopen the HOTEL Love songs Nagoya branch at the end of June.

We sincerely look forward to meeting with everyone again.