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14 May 2012. 04:23

Good evening, everyone!

After 2-YAN yesterday, here is another Kanagawa native, SUKE3!!

I was born in Yokohama and grew up in Kawasaki (^-^)

When we talk about Yokohama~…

It’s all about Furikake~ ♪♪♪

Am I right? (sweatdrop)

Anyway, we poured everything in and tried it (laugh) It was quite delicious!!

After today’s show, we all had Kiyouken’s bento, and it was great.

This was taken after the show,

Performers SATORU & SYU

Dancer KO

Dancer MARO

Everyone looks so accomplished.

As general manager said during the emcee session,
“Yokohama is so hot!”
So hot, Hot, HOT…

In other words, everyone really got so high ↑↑↑

As we performed, everyone who came to watch us got really excited together as well…

It was truly a wonderful time \(^o^)/
Thank you for staying over with us these 2 days at the Yokohama Arena branch (*^^*)

And let me say this as an ending…

Yokohama is the best—-!!!!!

↑ Yokoari-kun (laugh)