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Floor Introduction
4 May 2012. 22:36


This is the chief manager of the 38th floor,
(※according to Kami-san’s blog)

Crystal Maro. (lol)

How was our Fukui branch?

It’s been 2 days of unfortunate rain, but

the customers’ excitement

was really the best!

Love Fukui ☆

we’ll be doing floor introductions today

and I’ll be introducing the 38th floor, which I’m in charge of.

The 38th floor of our hotel is an executive floor,

limited only to our members.

There’s a dress code too.

It’s like the fashion coordination for ○○○!!

So here’s a reference ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Like this.

A fluffy white shirt

with sparkling pink mules (is that what they’re called?),

so cute.

The bun on her head is a plus point too ψ(`∇´)ψ

And so, now I’ll introduce the special luxury spa services

on this executive floor.

After the show, this is how we all look like…

Awesome, isn’t it?

This sheet we’re using

is made of pure silk

and filled with high-purity diamonds

crushed into extremely thin bits of around 1-micron thick,

with Bellbocca oil from Australia

and super tiny balls of Tutu bar from Tunisia,

all pickled together for 200 years

into this general octopus sesame pack.



That was a lie. (lol)

Next is our Yokohama branch!

Or the Hama branch, in short!!

To all our customers who stayed over today,

we sincerely hope that you will come again.

With love.