UPDATE (2/3/2012): PLAYBUTTON Designs up!!


From 1st album 『A Song for ××』 ~ 12th album 『Love songs』, plus mini-albums 『Memorial address』 and 『FIVE』, best albums 『A BEST』, 『A BEST 2 -BLACK-』 and 『A BEST 2 -WHITE-』, and newest 13th album 『Party Queen』, will all be released in the popular new media “PLAYBUTTON”!

The product packaging will feature the original album art, while the badge will sport an exclusive design, specially limited to “PLAYBUTTON”! Available in limited copies, this is truly a collector’s item!


2012.3.21 in stores
PLAYBUTTON (all 18 titles)

※The outer packaging will feature the album jacket design.
※The badge will have a different design.


Titles on Sale

AQZD-50664 『A Song for ××』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50665 『LOVEppears』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50666 『Duty』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50667 『A BEST』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50668 『I am…』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50669 『RAINBOW』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50670 『Memorial address』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50671 『MY STORY』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50672 『(miss)understood』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50673 『Secret』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50674 『A BEST 2 -BLACK-』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50675 『A BEST 2 -WHITE-』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50676 『GUILTY』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50677 『NEXT LEVEL』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50678 『Rock’n’Roll Circus』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50679 『Love songs』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50680 『FIVE』 ¥2,800

AQZD-50681 『Party Queen』 ¥3,000


A special metal badge-button that is actually a music player, available for immediate listening upon purchase. Highly fashionable, the new media is the current hot topic globally.

– Playing of pre-installed music is allowed. Pre-installed music cannot be erased.
– Date moving, uploading and downloading is not allowed.
– There is no extra memory to install more songs.
– The unit does not come with earphones.
– Please charge the battery before first usage.

Additional Items
– USB Charger Cable
– User Manual

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