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Hamasaki Ayumi’s Designer “Heart Nails” Set Trend
17 January 2012.

Hamasaki Ayumi’s Designer “Heart Nails” seem to have become a fad among her female fans.

On the 14th, Hamasaki uploaded a photo of her nails onto Twitter, together with the message “Want to believe in LOVE..” Decorated with red hearts at the tips, this simple and cute design projects a good image of “LOVE”.

The nailist was Miss Sakoda Aiko from salon “esNail”, who caters to celebrities such as AKB48, Kinoshita Yukina, Hoshino Aki and Triendl Reina. “I made these as per ayu-san’s request, her fashion sense is really the best!” she commented on Twitter.

Some comments from Hamasaki’s fans include:

“It’s so cute, I’ll try that next”
“So cute! I want to try it (o^^o)”
“ayu-san’s Heart Nails are so cute! I want them”

Many other comments followed in the same fashion. Soon, fans were uploading photos of their Heart Nails in different colors, proving Hamasaki’s status as trendsetter once more.