31 Dec 2011. 15:11


Let’s go look around inside that person’s! backstage room!!


Our troupe leader’s!!


It’s shocking that hairstylist Suke-san’s hand and our troupe leader’s face (head) is about the same size.. (laugh)

And that concludes our backstage exploration!

There’s lots of candles like this placed all around backstage ☆ VOLUSPA really does take the initiative ♪

We wanted to do a count of the total number of candles, but there were just so many that we gave up halfway.. (laugh)

as everyone knows, we will be performing at Kouhaku before the live ☆
So please watch that too!!

And then, today,
everyone who will be staying over at HOTEL Love songs and doing the sending off of 2011 and welcoming of 2012 together with us,
as well as everyone supporting us in front of your computers, and everyone at the cinemas,
let’s share in these best moments together!!!!!

In this special, priceless day, when the curtains open upon 2012 ☆

And then, today,
to everyone who will be at the venue with us, let’s take care as we spend the time together ☆

A STAFF Micchi