CDL 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ Day 1 Goods Sales Start, Refreshments Booths Open!
29 Dec 2011. 15:16

Here’s our live report from the venue on

Countdown Live Day 1!

The goods and refreshments booths

which opened a little after 13:00,

are been very popular

with no break in the queue ☆

There was a long queue before the sales began.

It stretched on and on,

surrounding the venue.

The tour goods this year

feature an impressionistic A Logo

wearing an eyemask and holding a whip,

placed on a leopardprint background with 5 different colors:

a design on many different items!

Everyone’s eyes were sparkling

as they wondered what to buy

and which color to buy it in ☆

And we have the refreshments booths!

These booths were super popular as well

with neverending queues ☆

Following last year, we have the

“Takoyaki Stall” and

“Tonji Stall” again.

Using the original chopsticks and spoons,

this heartwarming menu seems to have brought warmth

to the hearts and bodies of everyone ♪