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Thank you for waiting! ♪
2 December 2011. 09:36:33

The new CM for the “Walkman” S Series, in which I’m appearing in, has finally been revealed!! 

This CM was filmed in a school, with a story that just grips your heart 
It’s titled the “Music Letter”!! 
It’s been so long since I was in a classroom, and it was a little nostalgic and exciting 

This “Music Letter” CM will be premiering on Play You.’s site from today on 
The “making-of movie” of the CM, which will not be shown anywhere else, will also be released  
Everyone, please go watch it 

Play You. site
<Mobile Site> http://m.sony.jp/walkman/playyou.xht…p_hp_pl006_001

There’s also a Christmas present from me   

On the day of 15 December only, a Christmas card will be given out as a present at Play You. Park 
You can use it for your computer or phone wallpaper, so please do check it out 

Play You. Park (mixi Page) http://p.mixi.jp/walkman_playyou
Play You. (Facebook Page) http://www.facebook.com/walkman.playyou