ayu_19980408: Yesterday and today are connected into one. (laugh) Go all out~! Will c u guys tonite!!!my loBely fans;)))

nootak: Even though ayu is not doing well herself, her consideration for those around her is really amazing. It’s natural for an artiste to be like this, but from the perspective of her personal character, this is really awesome!
ayu_19980408: Because I have everyone in ayu staff, who are willing to use their lives to protect and support me, I have to be even more encompassing as well (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: Today, once again, an unforgettable memory is made. As long as I work with people who believe in themselves to create the things I want to create, we’ll be able to do anything. We’ll accomplish anything. Today was a long beautiful day which made me feel that.

yoshida_man: The battle is over. The local staff called me ‘crazy guy’ (・・;) Was that a compliment???
ayu_19980408: It is (*^^*) All the dancers also say that “that person is really awesome, he’s holding out all the way” ☆