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TA Magazine Issue 41




『ayu-mi-x 7』, released 3 years after previous work 『ayu-mi-x 6』. A limited quantity BOX SET with 5 works, each containing ayu’s songs remixed to different genres!

This jacket shooting took place in a famous studio in LA utilized by many famous people from around the world ♪ ♪



Mini album 『FIVE』 was released on 31 August. A super extravagant mini album with 5 new songs, 5 video clips, and 5 making-of videos.

The way cool ayu uses her entire body in poses is truly a masterpiece. All the emotions within 『FIVE』 was brought across strongly by ayu’s gaze into the camera.


A change in make-up and hairstyle, for a more artistic look. Destroyed lipstick, messy hair, a laughing expression, this ayu seemed a totally different person from the ayu just now.

Leslie and ayu’s insistence on details came together as one to give birth to a perfect work. Certainly, that moment was there, on this day of shooting.



Two of us, passing the same time, believing in the same future
Yesterday’s tears and today’s smiles are all real

Knowing the same pain, gathering the same gentleness
Surely, as long as it can change into strength that lets us live on tomorrow


making of progress

The vocal part of the song was filmed with ayu in the studio, singing sweetly. Then, the scene switched to images progressing through Tokyo city and the world.

Director Muto commented, “Using the title 「progress」 as a theme, I wished to use still shots to express the strength to progress, moving forward on and on no matter what happens”. The strength within the song matched well with the video, coming together in a video clip never-before-seen in ayu history.


ANother song feat. Urata Naoya

It hurt so much, but I loved you
I couldn’t help it, but I loved you
And though that summer day is long gone
I sing to reach you, Another song

Through the whole of yesterday, I loved you
Through the whole of today, I loved you
When tomorrow comes, I’ll surely love you
And I’ll sing to reach you, Another song

I’m sorry, but even now, I love you
It may sound selfish but still, I love you
And though that summer day is long gone
I sing to reach you, Another song


making of ANother song feat. Urata Naoya

A set dominated by black, with ayu, AAA’s Urata Naoya and A Dancers coming together in this video clip. Singing and dancing in sync, they present the sorrowful perspective of the lyrics perfectly.

Watching ayu taking note of every detail in costume and movement, one can easily guess the strength and depth of her special feelings for this song.


Why… feat. JUNO

“I want to see you” and “I’m lonely”
Why couldn’t we say these phrases more often?
We couldn’t even understand
The difference between kindness and selfishness

“I love you” How many times have we tried to say it
But repeatedly failed?
How much stronger must we get
To be acceptable?


making of Why… feat. JUNO

The video clip of collab song 「Why… feat. JUNO」, presents an artistic perspective.

ayu, who had fallen asleep, lost her way and fell into a mysterious world. The filming made use of various images and items that are integrated together digitally to create the video clip.

ayu’s wish ♥

– Wrapped for good!!
– For JUNO to become fluent in Japanese…
– For Kome’s voice to become just a little louder.
– For everyone in TA’s wishes to come true ♥



For you to remain unchanging as you forever
I just wish for you to be there, there
For me to remain unchanging as me forever
Smiling my awkward smile, with you

Hey, I know that in truth
You are not so strong
And though there is nothing I can do for you
I will always hold your heart


making of beloved

An impressionistic work featuring ayu singing in a simple and moving way. After reading the lyrics many times, Leslie was inspired to create the theme of “LOVE & HOPE”, with a grand video clip featuring background scenery of the sky, land and sea.



What was once two became one
Becoming two was just that, nothing more
Things were just going back to what they were

After not being able to see anything
I saw everything
The road leading onwards is too narrow, there is no way
To walk on together anymore


making of BRILLANTE

Mysterious and heavy, just like the song, the video for 「BRILLANTE」 resembles a story in a movie. Heading towards the climatic last scene, the clip progresses through a series of different scenes.



ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A

『ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A』, which started from Hiroshima in May. Everyone in TeamAyu gave ayu a warm welcome at every venue throughout the country ♪ We present some scenes from the airport!


A ichiza’a OFF (izchiza = troupe)

We infiltrate the A Troupe’s feasts after every LIVE performance!! It’s awesome to see how different everyone is when offstage ♪

Here is the troupe feasting at a grill restaurant in Fukui. Actually, ayu just came from a meeting after the LIVE performance. It was really a tough schedule, but ayu seems to enjoy herself so much whenever she spends time with everyone in the troupe ♪

When we say Fukuoka, this place comes to mind! You’ll definitely recognize Yama-chan!! The tonkotsu ramen here is super famous, and ayu always adds in so much red ginger that her entire bowl is dyed red ♪ It’s truly a special experience, eating tonkotsu ramen in a yatai!

Here we have kanpai ♪ at a hotplate restaurant in Hiroshima. We have a shot of ayu checking Twitter for TA’s reviews about the LIVE! It was a filling feast of Hiroshima’s grill ★

The staff and dancers come together in a familiar restaurant and make merry ♪ We chatted about lots of things, including stories from the LIVE and conversations about the world!!


TA’s Smile

Shots of TA from all over the country, whether at lives or events ♪ Always showing our cameras a smile, even we feel happy taking the photos!! The TA camera appears at every venue in the country, wherever there are TA!! Please continue to show us your sparkling smiles ♪ ♪








No.208064 Atsuko-san
「Love song」
*from ALBUM 『Love songs』
When I first heard this song, I couldn’t stop my tears. But after I stopped crying, I clearly felt that I had become stronger. No one can sing this but ayu!

No.187441 yoshika☆-san
I’ve often felt that I couldn’t do well at work, and always wondered if I was right to choose this path, but after meeting this song, I received power from ayu-chan! She made me realize that I couldn’t just stop because of the troubles!, gave me a push on the back, and granted me the courage to face up to myself and move forward ♪

No.190430 Ramu-san
「July 1st」
*from SINGLE 『H』
My birthday is on July 1st, so it’s a commemorative song for me. I even played it during my wedding ceremony! This is truly an energetic, impactful song. Without this song, summer won’t begin or end!

No.144311 Miho-san
Whenever I feel horrible, I’ll listen to MY ALL and cry. I’m never alone, because ayu is always beside me and protecting me! Thinking about that makes me feel happy and strong ★ This is the precious song I share with ayu (*^^*)

No.204460 Yu-ka-san
「Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~」
*from SINGLE 『Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~』
When I had a crush on someone, I listened to nothing but this song everyday. Whenever I felt horrible and wanted to cry, this song gave me courage and energy, so I love it. I’m now together with that person ♪

No.009013 Onishi-san
My favourite ayu song is 「SEASONS」. Listening to this song makes me feel like working hard for today and gives me energy, so I always listen to it.

No.205063 miki_spain-san
My favorite Ayu song is HEAVEN. It was the song that made me a fan of her, and the song that made me discover how beautiful this life is. It made me cry, smile, and forgive myself. I’ll always thank Ayu for making such a great song ^_^

Let us know your recommended ayu song!
Since the start of this project, we’ve received lots of entries, so we had to show off some of them ♪ ♪ Everyone is TA, but we all love different songs and have different experiences, so please check everyone’s recommendations out together.
Send us your entry here ♪


Message from ayu

You can forget, or you can not forget. However, there are some things which you cannot forget.