MotokiMinei: @K1_Hiroya Yes, the blonde big sis has been saying “kob kun kaa” recently (laugh) kob kun krab!
ayu_19980408: That’s Lemon 2’s fault. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Letting one’s loved ones carry your burden is so much more painful than the hurt you feel carrying your own burden..

UN1982: It’s cloudy tonight, can’t see any stars. But we’ll surely see the shining stars again. Surely.
ayu_19980408: Yep, surely.

sodeepsubaru: Good morning. I slept, but I couldn’t sleep. Sleepy now… Thought about lots of things… Why?
ayu_19980408: Me too m(_ _)m

tatsukolacey: Sorry for causing so much trouble, but I had a great day again! Special thanks to big sis ♥
ayu_19980408: Big PIKACHU sis is always ur side no matter what☆

GUTS_RUSH: Meeting last night with the coach, ayu and I. We had snacks, drank a little, spent time as usual. It’s been a long time, and we talked. It was great, especially talking to coach and ayu… That familiar atmosphere and their feelings, I love it… Yes.
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: Thought about growing it long, but I got it cut in the end ♪( ´▽`)