Hamasaki Ayumi x LESLIE KEE in NY!
Hamasaki Ayumi and Leslie Kee have teamed up for calendar shooting again.
Furthermore, the shooting was done in NY, the same place as the shoot 10 years ago!!
“…If we can, let’s shoot the calendar in the same place as we did for the 2003 shoot!!”
With this special idea from Leslie, the calendar shoot was based on this theme.
After 10 years, Hamasaki Ayumi x LESLIE KEE has powered up, and this item is a must-check ★

Hamasaki Ayumi 2012 Calendar

B2-size/7 pages including cover

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4 November 2011 19:00 ~
TA Special Gift: Clear File

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11 November 2011 19:00 ~
mu-mo Special Gift: Postcard
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