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Tatoe donna ni… Chaku-uta ☆
12 October 2011, 03:15:51

Another day passes, and from today, 12 October on 

New song 「Tatoe donna ni…」 will be released at chaku-uta 

Please check it out 

This song is about a broken heart, written about feelings buried deep in my heart from long ago.

“If I had done more of that then…”

“If I had not said those words then…”

No matter what situation it is, we all have regrets like this.

The “heart” which we have lost

cannot be gotten back.

It is not here anymore.

No matter what…

I can’t help it, but I really really love you with all my heart.

Because I love you, I wanted to stay beside you.

Because I love you, I became uneasy.

Because I love you, I got angry at you.

Because I love you.

“Why is it that when we fall in love, we cannot be honest with our feelings?”

“Why is it that I can’t have an honest love?”

Even though I just can’t help it, I just really really love you.

Why? So many true feelings that aren’t understood, a heart swirling with regrets,

When we lose something precious, so many feelings which we can’t hold back, crushing our hearts.

But, if there is one ray of light within such a heart,

it will be the happy times which you have left with me.

No matter what it’s like now, even when everything has lost its shine and become monochrome,

No matter that you may be so far away that I can’t see you,

the small light in this heart will not go out.

No matter what…


Misa’s note: Tatoe donna ni… (たとえどんなに・・・) is the song title, and means “No matter what…”