UPDATE (13 October 2011): Details about parka and A Cube added!!


On 19 October, from 18:30 onwards, ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION will be streamed live on Ameba Pigg!

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Hamasaki Ayumi Live
19 October (Wed) 18:30~
Limited to Ameba Pigg members, 『Pigg Dome』 in Ameba Pigg world will stream this live!
*The interior of Pigg Dome will only be accessible on 19 October itself .


At the area in front of Pigg Dome, Hamasaki Ayumi parkas (a Pigg LIVE entrance gift) will be sold!

Let’s all wear the parkas and get high ♪

(In order to enter the Dome, Pigg members need to purchase the parka)

From 11 October on, you will be able to purchase the Hamasaki Ayumi parka from the vending machine outside Pigg Dome. By purchasing a parka, you can view the live streaming of 「ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION」 on 19 October.

There are only 15,000 parkas to be sold. Only members who purchase the parka can view the live streaming.

「Hamasaki Ayumi parka」 2,000 Ame-G


The popular A Cube from last year is back again! This special version comes with a message written by ayu herself!!

A Cube: 50 Ame-G


Super Deal if you create a Pigg Account now
All members who join Ameba Pigg from now till 18 Oct 8:00 will get a free voucher of 2,500yen, for which they can exchange for items free!
* The Hamasaki Ayumi parka cannot be redeemed using vouchers. It can only be bought with Ame-G.


– Hamasaki Ayumi LIVE streaming will be shown at the Pigg Dome area. This cannot be viewed using mobile phones.
– Only members can view the streaming.
– The Hamasaki Ayumi parka can be bought at 2,000 Ame-G.
– To enter the Pigg Dome, your Pigg needs to be wearing the Hamasaki Ayumi parka.
– Lives at Pigg Dome may experience problems with video and audio matching, so view the live on platforms that support Ameba Pigg. Check it here.
– In the case where the live cannot be shown properly due to problems with Ameba Pigg or UStream, the live will be broadcast at a later date for those who purchased the Hamasaki Ayumi parka.



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