UPDATE (27 Sep 2011):

mu-mo will have a 2nd round of preorders for the 『』!! Comes with free gifts: 1 clear file and 1 postcard (there are 2 different designs)

Preorder Start Time: 20 October 19:00 onwards
⇒ http://sp.mu-mo.net/shop/r/ayu_goods1109/


The 12  lines:

A eyelash <Natural Days> No.1

A eyelash <Natural Days> No.2

A eyelash <Natural Days> No.3

A eyelash <Natural Days> Bottom Lashes No.1

A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.4

A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.5

A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.6

A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> Bottom Lashes No.2

A eyelash <Royal Days> No.7

A eyelash <Royal Days> No.8

A eyelash <Royal Days> No.9

A eyelash <Royal Days> Bottom Lashes No.3



Hamasaki Ayumi Produced Eyelashes, which bring out the cuteness of a girl’s eyes, are here!

A transparent hem that fits perfectly to the curve of your eye and your own eyelashes, fine lashes to bring out the girlish outline of your eyes, lasting curl despite its fineness, Hamasaki Ayumi designed all these details herself for !

From a natural-looking volume-up type, to the impact-enforcing type, there are a total of 12 different designs, categorized into 3 lines. Each pack of 3 pairs of lashes costs ¥1,480!

From 30 September on, the lashes will be on sale nationwide. Preorders are also available through mu-mo shop, and purchases will come with an original free gift!
⇒ http://sp.mu-mo.net/shop/r/ayu_goods1109/

* mu-mo page will be updated from 22 September 18:00~
* mu-mo shop will start taking preorders from 26 September 19:00~
* The timings listed above follow JPT time.
* There will be cancellations after purchase.
* For enquiries, do not contact TA. Please use the Enquiries form at mu-mo shop instead.