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Ayumi Hamasaki: Secret Garden of Autumn

Hamasaki Ayumi-san, the song princess who represents Japan, debuts in Look!s! In a garden bathed in dazzling light, she reveals this autumn’s latest styles. We present to you the charm of this lovely fashion icon ♥




Quote: “Personality comes from staying true to your favorite colours and shapes”

Cuteness, beauty, coolness… All the fashion keywords which we love. The song princess ayu easily shows us her own interpretation of all these, in her debut appearance on Looks! She revealed all her favorite fashion coordinations for this autumn season ♥

Out of the fashion coordinations you’ve modelled for us today, which fits your mood the most?

“Because I have short hair now, I’ve stopped wearing the more boyish styles I’ve had in the past. Nowadays, my taste leans towards the girly, lady side. That’s why, I welcome Coco Chanel’s French Retro style this autumn. (laugh) Out of today’s pieces, I’ll pick the knitted dress. When autumn comes, I like to wear tweed. It’s great that I’m born a girl, because I can dress up all I want. In summary, I like lady-like, elegant styles, but I also love to add small accessories to my clothes or onto my shoes.”

Any accessories that you’re into lately?

“Jewelry brand 「TASAKI」’s creative director Thakoon Panichgul has put out this pearl necklace which I really like. The pearls lend a classic elegant air to the item as a whole, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the highlight of the necklace are little stars and metal chains that add a touch of spice.”

Since her debut, ayu has won numerous fashion awards, always shining and showing us her own style. Please give us some advice on how to create our own styles!

“Don’t wear something only because it’s popular, it’s important to think about whether you like it, and whether it suits you. If we don’t do that, everyone will end up looking alike. Everyone surely has things which they like, and it’ll be great if you can incorporate your likes into the current trend. You have to judge for yourself if something fits you, but if wearing something makes you feel good, then go for it.”

For this year, she has held her own live tour, a-nation in summer, and recently recording and filming for newly-released mini-album 「FIVE」, which contains 5 songs that she had penned herself, all of which come with PVs. Living through such a packed schedule all year round, we asked ayu about how she relaxes.

“To me, perspiring during training is a form of relaxation. Other than that, I like watching foreign drama 「CSI」 before I go to bed ♥ I’ve watched the DVD countless times. (laugh) It feels good to fall asleep while watching it.”

With this, she concluded the interview with a laugh.