Original Article and Photo from niconiconews here.


New updates have come up about JUNO, whose debut single 「Fate」 was chosen to be magazine 『AneCan』’s TV CM theme song. This time, he is to feature in an advertisement. Furthermore, the photographer in-charge is Leslie Kee, the one who took the jacket cover for Hamasaki Ayumi’s newest mini-album 『FIVE』, which JUNO featured in as well.

Brand 「LANDS OF Eden.」, whose shop will be opening on the 2nd floor of la foret Harajuku on 17 September, has featured JUNO in their advertisement. The brand theme for LANDS OF Eden. is “Adam and Eve standing up and chasing after paradise, to return to the LANDS OF Eden. filled with love and peace”. In order to relay this concept in the visual, the advertisment was placed in the hands of world famous photographer Leslie Kee.

JUNO, with his strong arms and big hands, holding a blonde short-haired Eve. And Eve’s hand, holding on to JUNO’s shoulder. This visual will be displayed at la foret Harajuku from 13 September onwards.

“Because I love fashion, this was a very fun shoot. I’m really happy that a visual featuring me will be displayed in the middle of Harajuku. I wish to look at everyone from la foret Harajuku as Brave Adam!” —– JUNO

The 2nd set of visuals will be revealed on 7 October.