UPDATE (21 August 2011):

A promotional picture of ayu for 「Sweet Days」. Thanks to Aderianu.


Original Message (12 August 2011):

T&H Company has decided that Hamasaki Ayumi shall be a key character for the advertisement for Colour Contact Lens 「Sweet Days」!

Details will be up at 「Sweet Days」 Official Homepage starting 12 August 13:00~

★ 「Sweet Days」 Official Homepage


Hamasaki Ayumi x Sweet Days Colour Contact Lens

– 2 sizes to choose from
– 12 popular colours

Preorder Gift

For the first 1,000 customers who preorder 「Sweet Days」 contact lens from this official site, to be released 31 August, will receive a specially produced 「Hamasaki Ayumi x Sweet Days」 poster as a gift! Don’t miss this chance!


A DIA 14.0mm size is available for a natural look, plus a DIA 14.5mm for a big-eye look.


12 popular colours to choose from.