Wonderful wonderful BBQ time ♪ continues…

A photo of “Maro-san, stoke the fire”.

As usual, everyone joined in with an “Ichi ichi”. (laugh)

GO-MI-san, showing us for one moment the awesome abs of a staff who came to help us with the BBQ.

For some reason, standing next to KO-kun and EMI-san gives us a very L.A. kinda feeling. (laugh)

Tour manager Koichi-san, AKI-san & AAA’s Urata-kun ☆

And then,

Welcome back, SUBARU-san!!

His super smile is still going strong ☆

Welcome back, 2-YAN!!

This is another summer boy!!! He’s so tanned, we can’t tell his expression. (laugh)

Welcome back, SATORU & TOMOKI-kun!!

Please dance with all your feelings and touch the audience ♪

Welcome back, YOSSY-san!!

Though YOSSY-san is normally modest and quiet, she shows us really powerful performances when on stage!!

With delicious BBQ and happy times, we cultivated strength

and as A Troupe, we promised to bring the best performance to everyone

at this weekend’s show at outdoor venue Port Messe Nagoya (★ゝω・)b⌒☆

A STAFF Minazou