Many people came down to watch Day 2’s show at Osaka Jou Hall

despite the raging storm!!!

Thinking of everyone queuing up in the rain,

A Troupe was filled with energy, and was able to deliver the show with full power!

Seeing everyone enjoying themselves makes us reeeeeeeeeally happy (*´∇`*)

Alright, here’s a little story.

We essentially deliver the same show to the Kansai and Kanto audiences, but the audiences definitely respond to us in different ways.

Judging by the audience reactions, we can mostly tell that 「Yes~ Here we are back at 〇〇」.

By the way, everyone from the Kansai region are generally energetic, laugh easily (←really), and treat all of us on stage as friends and talk to us like so.

What really leaves an impression is how loud you guys shout 『ayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!』. There was always a small echo. (laugh)
(※How you guys use all your might to tell us your feelings was really cute (*^^*) )

This weekend, we’ll be returning to Yokohama Arena.

Kanto team, get your spirits up, don’t lose out to the Kansai team ☆↑↑


it’s time for the 『Let’s Hold Hands Campaign』.

Last time, we had extended our circle of drawings to GO-MI-san,

Next is…….

The one who revealed his own artwork on Twitter recently, MARO-san!!

He has his own style ♪

He even has a heart ring on his right arm to link to the next person!

Does it look like him~??

Who will be next in line?

Look forward to it~☆ (^ー^)ノ~~

A-STAFF Minazou