Fan reports of AT2011 at Fukuoka, Days 1 and 2, from the TeamAyu forum at Spoilers BBS

Credits to truehappiness @ AHS for this find!!


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 22:03:55

Here’s some information about the video that was played on Day 1.

By the way, this information contains details that are only available on TA.

In the past, ayu-chan has posted photos of her hand reaching up to the blue sky on TA’s “ayu’s diary”. Overseas fans from many countries have followed suit, and reached out their hands to their skies, wishing to tell us that “even if we are separate, the sky connects us all”. As the video was playing, background music featuring Daybreak was played.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 22:26:23

Here’s some spoilers from Day 2.

During the mini MC session after the 1st song forgiveness, ayu suddenly called out “Eh!? My earplugs are gone!” Peco-san and Princess then searched all over ayu-chan’s body trying to find it. In the end, the earplug was stuck in ayu-chan’s ear the whole time. She was so cute

As for the setlist, similar to yesterday, 1 chorus of poker face was performed, followed by the full version of key.

During key, she mixed up lyrics again, so she resang the whole song

Yesterday, 17th song UNITE! was replaced by Boys & Girls. Today, she performed Boys & Girls also.

ayu-chan has been crying in every live during the last song A Song is born, but today, she only teared up.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 22:29:46

For today’s MC, ayu-chan started out by shouting “Today’s Day 2, but I’m baaaaaack!” and the audience replied with “Welcome baaack!”.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 23/5/2011 00:08:04

This time, most of the songs have been rearranged, but some have retained most of their original sound.

Far away
A Song for…

These songs resemble the original versions.

As for monochrome and SEASONS, she has yet to sing the full versions.