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Thanks to yayou for informing me that there was a 2nd page! I totally missed out on that! ><


After the disaster, the tour, which was scheduled to begin in April, was hurriedly pushed back to May, and the planned show was recreated from scratch by Ayu and her troupe. “We believe in the power of music, and this is the time to send power throughout Japan!” With this thought, the tour 「ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A」 was scheduled to begin from 7 May, at Hiroshima Green Arena. After the live, and even during the show itself, audience members who saw ayu’s show sent in lots of passionate messages via Twitter! This issue, we’ll be introducing those briefly. What did they feel about the POWER of MUSIC?!


I went for my first ayu live today (*^^*) I became a fan only after seeing her post-earthquake tweets, but this is my first time I’ve ever experienced a live that delivers all emotions straight, penetrates my whole body, and gives me strength. When she came to stand in front of me, I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t even wave.

ayu’s singing figure looks like a goddess, a warrior, being so strong. I felt the power of music. Thank you so much.

I felt the power of the songs inside me! Thank you lots!!!

There was an angel at Hiroshima Green Arena. With an angel’s voice. Thank you. Thank you.

ayu-chan, good job for the live! Everyone’s been calling it the best! The effects of your vocal training are evident! I’ll see you again at Yoyogi!

ayu-san. I really felt the true energy as you conveyed your emotions to us. You are really a tiny giant.

I thought that the POWER of MUSIC was something that can help to tide us over tough and sorrow-filled times, but that was not all. This show taught me something more, about the magnificence of music.

Where exactly in her small body does ayu keep all that power? That power that cheers people up? That power which is so gentle and powerful? A live performance is the place where one can experience those true feelings.

Watching the Day 2 show gave me confirmation of what I felt on Day 1, that ayu was a limitless possibility. I won’t lose out on watching any show in this tour!! No, I meant this year’s tour!! (laugh)

I’ve been waiting for ayu-chan to become honest, but this has far surpassed my expectations!!!

Just how much more will ayu-chan evolve?