Fan reports of AT2011 at Yokohama, Days 1 and 2, from the TeamAyu forum at Spoilers BBS

Credits to truehappiness @ AHS for this find!!


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 21/5/2011 08:15:30

Today and tomorrow will be the 2 days at Fukuoka. The hotel key will probably be the hot item again

At 2am last night, several people had already formed a queue, and after 4am, about 50 people were in line.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 21/5/2011 11:47:18

ayu-chan has made it clear that there will be something different at today’s Fukuoka show.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 21/5/2011 16:45:14

So, it’s about time for the 2 days at ayu-chan’s hometown Fukuoka!


It seems to have started raining in Fukuoka after 3pm, but this won’t dampen the excitement and heat at the venue, right?


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 02:37:11

Did the fans’ voices reach ayu-chan?

She seems to have sung Boys&Girls.

In exchange, UNITE! wasn’t performed.

And similar to the Yokohama shows, poker face was performed.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 02:33:29

As I’ve written earlier, there was something different about today’s show.

This took place after the main show was over, after the song Born to be…

After the main show, the curtains fell, and a video started playing.

I don’t really know what the video was about, but it seemed that overseas fans had asked for ayu to use this video during today’s show via Twitter a few days ago.

And a couple of days ago (Friday), it seemed that ayu-chan realized this and decided to respond to these fans’ wishes.

By the way, according to some tweets posted yesterday evening, ayu-chan took up this sudden project, and spent the entire night editing the video for use in today’s live.

I’m not sure of the video’s contents, but it may have had something to do with this show’s theme.

Nah~ ayu-chan was probably just thinking of her fans

I’ll be taking part in the 2 days at Osaka next week, so if the video is shown again, I’ll post a report here


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 08:28:04

For Day 2 at Fukuoka today, there was a queue for the goods booth since 7am, and the popular item is probably the hotel key again.

About 250 people seem to be in line.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 11:58:41

The queue for the goods booths has exceeded 300 people, and it has been raining all morning at Fukuoka, I hope the goods sale will begin soon

And similar to the situation at Yokohama, there are some people who deliberately cut into the queues. I wish they would consider the feelings of those who had been in the queue earlier, as well as the intentions of ayu-chan and goods in-charge Mayuzumi-san in issuing numbered tickets.


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 22/5/2011 15:40:36

And here are some spoilers from Day 1 at Fukuoka.

Firstly, about the setlist. As mentioned yesterday, song 17 UNITE! has been replaced by Boys&Girls. poker face was also in the list.

1. forgiveness
(Mini MC: poker face)
2. blossom
4. monochrome
5. fairyland
6. A Song for XX
7. M
9. walking proud
10. part of Me
11. Moments
12. vogue
13. Far away
15. Bold & Delicious
16. Mirrorcle World
17. Boys & Girls
18. evolution
19. Born To Be…

20. A Song is born

When ayu-chan came out and opened with first song forgiveness, her voice made everyone feel that “an angel has descended here”.

Shortly after, she launched into the MC session, and sang debut song poker face passionately!

By the way, judging from the MC sessions at Hiroshima, it seemed as if the Fukuoka crowd won’t say things like “Welcome baaaaack!”, but after the first song, the dialogue went,

ayu: “Let me say this first. I’m baaaaaaack!”

audience: “Welcome baaaaaack!”

After that, she spoke in Hakata dialect, and was really cute

And during this show, her penchant(?) for forgetting lyrics seems to be back. While singing the first chorus of Moments, when she was supposed to sing

♪If I were as transcient as a flower, I’d bloom proudly beside you♪

she sang

♪I’d fly to where you are♪ instead

Looking from the stage, there is a runway extending towards the North side, but she seldom walked along it. However, yesterday, when she went onto the runway, she crouched down to face the fans and sang while gently smiling.