The 2 days at Marine Messe Fukuoka are over in the blink of the eye!!

Time flies when you’re having fun… (;へ:)


We’ll be returning to Marine Messe in a powered-up form next month

So everyone, please show us your best winning smiles then too ☆


This time, we’ll be showing off the street clothes of our fashion-loving female dancers!

They even posed for us~.

First up, EKKO-san and EMI-san ★

Cool black style~.

These two seem to like styles with pants.

So cool!! (≧⊥≦)b

And next

MIDORI-san & AKI-san ☆

On MIDORI-san, the rare bun hairstyle.

The not-too-casual black overalls really suit her well ♪

And our hat-queen AKI-san.

She likes wearing hats, paired with Western-style clothes.

With attention to accessories, she’s born with the love for fashion.

And so, we have the shows at Osaka Jou Hall this weekend!!

We’ll recharge well and bring the best show to you!!!

Look forward to it ☆

A-STAFF Minazou