Despite the bad weather at Fukuoka,

the crowds at the venue were unmindful and still rocked it up ↑↑↑

Even those who weren’t used to exercising regularly were made to work up a sweat yesterday.

And because it was troupe leader ayu’s hometown, all one could hear was Hakata dialect ♪

Let’s dye the venue pink and get the mood up for Day 2 as well ☆

And then, in the catering room after the show,

was a lady sorting out the trash…..


That is the fevered goods I/C Mayuzumi-san.

From early in the morning till the end of the show, she has never rested, running to and fro doing stuff!

And there she was finally resting. Sorry to have taken this photo in front of the rubbish bags. (laugh)

And here’s another busy runner.

The life of TA: fanclub manager Mr Hoji.

He looks cool with the tour T-shirt ☆

If you have any queries about 「TeamAyu」, feel free to ask him!

He will answer you really nicely.

And lastly….

Director Nomizo, who looks like he’s digging his nose but he’s actually not (laugh)

We’ll be counting on all of you tomorrow too!!!

Let’s enjoy Day 2 at Fukuoka Marine Messe with all our mights!! Ouuuuu!!!! \(^o\) (/o^)/

A-STAFF Minazou