Fan reports of AT2011 at Yokohama, Days 1 and 2, from the TeamAyu forum at Spoilers BBS

Credits to truehappiness @ AHS for this find!!


Author: Ichigo-tan
Written 16/5/2011 02:22:13

Many people who went for the live talked about ayu-chan’s clear voice, and described her as an angel as she sang.


Author: CHIROL
Written 16/5/2011 21:56:25

Day 2 at Yokohama Arena ☆☆

The show at Yokohama Arena started about 20 minutes late.
Sorry if I can’t remember much.
For the first song forgiveness, ayu-chan’s voice was really beautiful, and I was mesmerized by the power of her voice.
I understood the meaning of “power of music”.
During the mini MC, she talked about how each member has done all he/she could have done.
And as Ichigo-tan-san has mentioned, she sang Key during Day 2 ♪
However, she forgot the lyrics, and incorporated “I forgot the lyrics~ ♪” into the song.
And for some reason, she asked everyone “Would you like the hear Love?”, and hearing cheers going up for Love, she replied with “so you wanna hear Love that badly ♪” and sang it for us.
I wanted to hear Key, especially with her voice now, but too bad she forgot the lyrics
However, as she came down the runway, she touched with many of the audience members.
She didn’t throw a wristband that day.
ayu-chan was really cute, and with such a beautiful voice, she is a true artist.
As for the stage design, maybe it’s just for Yokohama Arena, but I totally couldn’t see the runway from my seat.
The main stage was in the centre, so it was generally easy to view and gave a feeling of togetherness.
I arrived at the venue a little after noon, and got my goods about 30 minutes later.
During dancer introductions, the cheers for Maro and Shu-Ya were really loud.


Author: CHIROL
Written 16/5/2011 21:59:33

ayu-chan did an impersonation of Sabu-chan for us, though she claimed that she was embarrassed (laugh)
“It’s sad that I’m doing this Sabu-chan impersonation just for everyone’s memories”, she said.
She impersonated him many many times.
She was so cute (≧v≦)
With smiles all around, the atmosphere was really high ↑↑


Author: Hinata
Written 18/5/2011 01:27:13

I went for the live on 15 May!

I queued up for the goods before the booths opened. The wall next to me had an opening before joining to another wall, and I could peek down at the stairs below.
Suddenly, as I was looking down, I saw Armageddon standing there without any expression, then when he turned to look in my direction, he got a shock! (laugh)
He probably came out to have a smoke and look at the queues.
Because he went back in shortly after, very few people saw him, and as it was my first time seeing him in person, I felt really impressed ☆

When the show first started, I felt a little lost and unsure of what to expect, but I soon got used to it, and felt that this was a really touching live.
The orchestra’s performance and ayu’s voice were all really powerful!
Because I brought some feelings with me when I went for this live, I cried from the start to the finish

There were complicated feelings and disappointment about how this live wasn’t a real show, but I feel that this is still a good live which resonates in my heart.


Author: ken3
Written 18/5/2011 02:06:24

I took part in the Yokohama Arena show on the 15th.
Though this tour was changed to this particular show in a hurry, I personally have always watched to watch a fully unplugged and orchestral show.
ayu-chan really needed guts to want to create a show for us to listen to this way.

In fact, it was a really awesome show!
The arrangements of the songs were also different from usual, and that was really cool!
Why is it that a show that was changed in such a hurry could be this good?! I am now newly impressed by ayu-chan’s awesomeness.

I feel that this show is precious, because it shows us the new direction in which ayu-chan wishes to move in.

For those who will participate in future show, please look forward to it.
ayu-chan will bowl you over!!


Author: CHIROL
Written 18/5/2011 09:02:26

ayu-chan seems to like impersonating Sabu-chan recently!
She was really having fun with it ♪
She did it 3-4 times during the show,
as well as on twitter too (^皿^)v
So cute– ♪♪

Setlist for 15 May:

1. forgiveness
(Mini MC: Key, Love, YOU)
2. blossom
4. monochrome
5. fairyland
6. A Song for XX
7. M
9. walking proud
10. part of Me
11. Moments
12. vogue
13. Far away
15. Bold & Delicious
16. Mirrorcle World
17. UNITE!
18. evolution
19. Born To Be…

20. A Song is born