Everyone, good evening (・ε・)ノ^

In this heat and rain which makes you wonder whether summer is already here,

the 2 days at Yokohama Arena have ended successfully, imbued with power!

There must be many audience members still in an excitable mood today, while commuting to work or school today, right?

By the way, I didn’t even dance, so why am I having muscle aches? (sweatdrop)

The next shows will be at ayu’s hometown, Fukuoka!!

So do get excited and prepared in advances~ ♪ (←anxious for you guys to make it…)

※ I meant, “in advance”….. (+_ q ))

So, let’s introduce the horn team and strings team, which are taking part in the POWER of MUSIC tour this time!!

Firstly, this is everyone in the horn team ↓↓↓

Such gentle smiles (*^ ^* )


With those gentle smiles

they will show you super powerful and soulful performances!!

And next, everyone in the strings team ↓↓↓

They’re so elegant~ ♪

Again, BUT!!!!

They are not just elegant!!

Once they start performing,

their playing is in perfect order, and their melodies capture your heart in a moment.

I know there are many many people who cannot come to watch us because of some reason,

but if you can, please come down to the venues,

and let the POWER of MUSIC intoxicate the whole world ☆

A-STAFF Minazou