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Pachinko Unit Manufactured by Bisty Corporation
『CR ayumi hamasaki Hamasaki Ayumi’s Story -Prologue-』 Release Information

This is a notice from Fields Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Shibuya. Representative Director: Oya Takashi), who will be launching a pachinko Unit manufactured by Bisty Corporation, 『CR ayumi hamasaki Hamasaki Ayumi’s Story -Prologue-』, throughout Japan.

After Miss Hamasaki Ayumi debuted in April 1998, she has presented Japan with numerous hit songs. While winning various awards from both Japan Records Awards and Japan TV awards for the first time, she has also won awards such as Best Jeanist and Best Dresser, being a leader in this fashion-dominated era.

This machine illustrates “Hamasaki Ayumi” as a girl, and the story of her journey towards her dream. With special editing, her flight through these 13 years has been put together via a series of LIVEs. The player can take part in the story of this girl whom nobody used to know about.

This machine aims to attract not only pachinko fans, but a wider audience of music lovers as well.

With Miss Hamasaki Ayumi’s appeal shining through, this machine will be available in pachinko parlours nation-wide by July 2011.


Credits to Aderianu @ AHS for this find!