A couple of blog entries from A-Dancer Kayanocchi’s blog, talking about her leaving A Troupe.

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Grateful feeling
Written 7 May 2011

Everyone, did you have a good time?

I’m well

Sorry for not blogging for so long.

But I’ve read every single comment, question and message sent in to me

As to this blog being able to receive so many readers, please let me tell of my grateful feelings.

Without doubt, today is the day when AYU-chan’s live tour will begin in Hiroshima, and I have decided not to take part in it.

If there were any people who were waiting to see me, I’m really terribly sorry.

I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart.

From the very first tour, I performed for everyone in every show for 11 years.

To me, this is just

A miracle.

I can call it nothing else.

And then,



If things hadn’t happened the way they did,

I probably won’t be writing this blog.

I am now praying

for troupe leader’s opening show to be a success.

I believe that someday,

I will definitely meet with everyone again.

And at that time,

let us greet each other

With smiles.    

Thank you.

I will continue

to keep this blog updated.

And then,

I will move forward

into the future,


like a human,

just like how I’ve always been.



Written 9 May 2011

AYU-chan’s live today

Day 2 at Hiroshima

has ended


And I’ve like to say

Thank You

to the 200+ people who have sent in messages for me

since my last entry.

I was really stunned.

Everyone was talking about being lonely,

being sad.

I received so many messages like that.


for me,

I have no reason to feel lonely,

or to feel sad.


there are some things in life

that one cannot change.

Just what have I achieved these 11 years?

I don’t really know myself,

but when I read everyone’s messages, I had a small realization.

And as for the answer to that question,

it will surely come to me

sometime in the future.

And on days like today, when it feels like time is passing too slowly,

I wonder if I would want

to stop time,

or to go back to the past.

Just to confirm,

that the person I am now exists,

and the person I will be in the future exists too.

Thank you so much