A blog entry from A-Dancer 2-YAN’s blog, talking about him leaving A Troupe.

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Written 8 May 2011

I’ve received so many comments via Twitter and this blog about this tour.

Firstly, I’m really sorry
for being late in announcing that I won’t be taking part in this tour…

But so as not to

create any spoilers for the performance,

I couldn’t talk about this until after the show has been performed.

I apologize to those who were expecting to see me there.

I’ll be thankful if you can understand me.

When I made the decision not to take part,

every member,

and definitely myself too, cried.

And for a few days, I couldn’t believe that this was reality,

but as time went by,

I saw many things,

and questions like “what do I need to do now?”

“What should I do?” were answered.

I clearly see now what I couldn’t see then,

and though I feel lonely,

I will turn that all into optimism!!

Of course, I want to improve on my own technique.

I want to show everyone

dreams and energy through dance.

I want to tell everyone about the joy and fun of J-Pop.

And many more.

There is something called the “troupe”,

and I am of course a part of that troupe.

The performance concept and shows will change every time, every year!

And thus, ,members of the troupe will definitely change too.

That is what I believe.

Ah! Of course, I will be participating in this tour as an audience member (laugh)

Which date shall I go for~

That’s a secret (laugh)

I may have been there at that opening show (laugh)

That’s why, I haven’t graduated.

If troupe leader ayu

needs me in a future concert’s concept,

I will definitely take part!!

I’ve said this before,

but the troupe’s show has an appeal

that no other performance can match!

That’s definite.

And though I don’t know when that day will come,

I will be looking forward to seeing everyone again

as I stand on stage!!

So do look forward to seeing

A powered-up me (laugh)