Goods leaflets, which are distributed around goods booths at tour venues, now comes with AR!
To use 「ayupan AR」, please follow the steps below.
(It’ll be convenient to download the 『ARAPPLI』 application beforehand.)

What is AR (Augmented Reality)?
AR is a video programme that creates virtual things and information from our world of reality.
「ayupan AR」 uses your phone camera to pick out images of real-world objects, and matches them up with virtual images.

① Download 『ARAPPLI』 from iPhone 「App Store」 or Android 「Android Market」!

* 『ARAPPLI』 can be used on 「iPhone」 and 「iPod touch」 with iOS4.1 and above, and on 「Android」 version2.2 and above.
(For Andriod, 『ARAPPLI』 is only a beta version. Though it should technically run on software version2.2 and above, try not to use other applications at the same time, in order to free up memory space. It will not work for version2.1 and below. Please take note.)

* For those who cannot utilize 『ARAPPLI』 can still use the QR code. However, you will not be able to view the contents available on 『ARAPPLI』.

② Activate 『ARAPPLI』, scan the QRAR mark on the goods leaflet, and 「ayupan」 will appear!

You can take photos of the contents coming out of 『ARAPPLI』!
So that you can show them to your friends on Twitter or Facebook!

* Set your phone out of silent mode to hear 「ayupan AR」’s voice.
Please consider your surroundings before doing so.