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This year’s tour, which was scheduled to start in April, has been postponed to May. Our troupe decided to use this 1 extra month to create an entire new show from scratch. The show for “HOTEL Love songs”, which we had been planning for since the start of the year, is something which I hold in my heart as a dream that I will definitely achieve one day! Now, I will put all my heart into the new show, “POWER of MUSIC”. With 23 band members, 10 dancers, 3 performers, and many many staff members in the A STAFF team, we will all come together as one and bring the best show ever to everyone. We will travel through the whole of Japan. So wait for us!


Thank you for supporting AyuxVivi charity collaboration T-shirt campaign. All proceeds will go to the Japan Red Cross to aid victims in the affected areas. For more details, please visit

A change of mood, and I gave my hair a completely new cut. My first time with very very short hair ♡ thanks to -> Jun (ISM)