Ticket preorders for this series of concerts will apply only for TA members who joined (successfully paid membership) before 19 April 2011.


■ Preorders open
Now ~ 9 May 2011 5pm
※ You can log in to preorder as many times as you want during this period.
To amend your information after making the first preorder, just log in a second time to do so.
When logging in each time, your previous preorder will be cancelled, and a fresh preorder has to be made.

■ Confirmation of preorders
Now ~ 9 May 2011 5pm

■ Checking of lottery results + Payment period
14 May 2011 3pm ~ 23 May 2011 11:30pm
※ If you have won the lottery, please make payment via the option you selected while making your preorder in the designated time period.

■ Redemption of tickets
12 July 2011 12pm ~ Day of the live
※ For those who chose to receive the tickets via mail, they will be sent out by simple registered mail from 12 July onwards.

☆Preorder tickets here!

※ Members who won the lottery but do not redeem their tickets may be barred from entering other TA lotteries in the future.
※ For those who wish to go for multiple shows, please indicate all in one single preorder.