That day,

When the sakura blossoms flutter and dance, 2 people are walking the streets of Adachi-ku.




OK, I’ll say something else.

On the left: big sis, on the right: little bro. The 2 artists who are so close, both at work and in private.

And then,

They got stuck at the crossing. (laugh)


Something’s happening!!!!

This local thug…

Gave them trouble!!! p(>o<)q

Without delay

Run away!!!!


He caught up with them again!!!!! (((p(>o<)q)))

Nah, I was joking. (laugh)

It was just ISM representative, the man who loves Adachi-ku, JUN-san giving them some directions.

The destination was…

A grillhouse operated by Jun-san, called 『Sakura』.

In 「Sakura」,

we celebrated the birthday

of the man who oversaw this concert tour’s delay and changes,

who made sure everything was the best it can be,

who made the impossible possible,

Takashi-san, better known as “Yankashi”.

The A troupe’s teamwork is going strong!!!


it’ll get even better! ↑↑↑

『ayumi hamasaki~POWER of MUSIC~2011 A』

Please look forward to it ♪

Towards tomorrow,

Towards the future,


A STAFF Minazou