UPDATE: 22 April 2011.

Special page is open! Please visit at


UPDATE: 29 March 2011.

Because of the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake, the new date for sales has been changed to 20 April 19:00.

The special mu-mo page will be open from 19 April 16:00.


To commemorate the release of DVD 『A 50 SINGLES ~LIVE SELECTION~』, plates bearing the jacket covers of all 50 singles are to be sold!
It’ll be great as an ornamental piece, but using it during meals everyday will be fun too!
There are 2 designs, one with single covers 1~25, the other with 26~50 ♪

mu-mo shop sales start at 18 March 7pm~

Each plate costs ¥1,300

▼ From 16 March 4pm onwards, a special page will be OPEN!