Hi all!!!!!! 😀

Alright, here’s a mini tutorial on how to enter the TA ticket lottery for AT’11 and how to get your tickets!! The process this time is much much easier since they have gotten rid of the option of having a valid Japanese address. But there is still one very IMPORTANT NOTE!

This will only work if you have a trusted friend in Japan. This is because you will need that friend to pay for the tickets which you have won. Payment period is from 16 Feb 2011 1pm ~ 21 Feb 2011 11:30pm, so as long as there is someone you can trust who is in Japan during that period, you’re safe to go!! 😉

Before we start, here’s a schedule of important dates to note.


■ Preorders open
28 Jan 2011 1pm ~ 7 Feb 2011 6pm

■ Editing of preorders
Time preorder is made ~ 7 Feb 2011 6pm

■ Checking of lottery results
16 Feb 2011 1pm ~ 21 Feb 2011 11:30pm

■ Payment period for tickets
16 Feb 2011 1pm ~ 21 Feb 2011 11:30pm

■ Ticket Redemption
18 Mar 2011 1pm ~ Day of the concert

OK, click the link below and let’s get started!!


Firstly, log-on to this website. http://www2.ticket-reg.com/ayu/arena_tour2011/ And you will see the following screen. To enter the lottery, click the top button, circled in blue in this screenshot.

This will lead you to the next page, which looks like this.

Scroll down abit, and log in with your TA number and password. Press OK.

After you have logged in, you will come to a split screen page. On the top screen, dates and venues for all the shows will be listed. What is most important are the numbers on the left, which I circled in orange here. They are the codes which you will have to use to apply for tickets.

On the bottom screen will be selection boxes which look like this. So this is where you look at the numbers in the top screen and apply for whichever tickets you want. For example, I want 3 tickets for the 23 July show at Yoyogi, so I scroll down the list until I find it. Its corresponding number is 25, circled in orange. I will then insert this code into the first box on the bottom screen, and list 3 tickets in the second box. Note that you can only apply for up to 4 tickets per show. Repeat the process in all the other rows if you plan to go for more shows. Also of note, this isn’t a ranking system. It’s not like, they will give you your second choice only if you don’t get your first choice kinda thing. All your choices go into the lottery at the same time, so you do have an equal chance to win everything in all your rows. So do make your choices wisely.

After you have finished choosing, scroll down a bit to find the payment screen. There are 3 options available, I’ll explain in detail here. This is also where your friend in Japan comes in. Please note that you have to give your friend your TA number, tenso phone number, and winning lottery code for him/her to make payment, so do make sure that it’s someone you can really trust.

The first choice is payment at 7/11, collection at 7/11. If you win, your friend will have to pay for the ticket at 7/11. During the period of redemption, he/she can then go to 7/11 to get the real tickets. Alternatively, you can do the redemption yourself, since the redemption is open all the way till the day of your concert. Note that upon payment, you have to pay an extra ¥600 per ticket as service charge.

The second choice is payment, collection at 7/11. It’s basically the same procedure as the first choice, just that the payment can be done at other places instead of 7/11, such as a bank, other convenience stores, or even online banking (limited to Japan only, so you still need a friend). Redemption is the same as first choice.

The third choice is payment, then receiving the tickets in your mail. The payment options are the same as second choice. For redemption, TA office will send out your tickets to you automatically. The address which they will send out to will be the address you signed up at TA with (tenso for most of us). Note that, on top of the extra ¥600 per ticket service charge, you have to pay an extra ¥600 per show as delivery charge. So for example, if you win tickets to 3 shows, you will have to pay ¥1,800 delivery charge in total.

So, choose the option which best suits you.

Scroll down somemore, and key in your e-mail address in the last row.

After you click the OK button at the bottom, you will come to this confirmation screen. Check that everything is alright, then click the button circled in orange.

And you will see this screen. That means you’re done. Yay!!

To check your preorder, just go back to the very first webpage, and click on the second link, circled in blue here. Log in with your TA number and password, and you will be able to check your preorders.

To change your e-mail address, just click the third link, log in, and make the changes.

After you have finished the preorder process, you will receive a confirmation e-mail too, looking something like this, with all your details.


This is for all of you who have chosen the first or second payment option during your preorders. When the redemption period begins, log in to the same webpage as before. http://www2.ticket-reg.com/ayu/arena_tour2011/

There, log in with your TA number and password, and you will be provided with a 13-number password. Bring this password to a 7/11 store and tell it to the cashier to exchange it for your real tickets.

Once again, you can get your friend to do this, or you can do this yourself when you get to Japan.

I will update this part with screenshots and more details later on.

That’s all!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!! 😀

For more details, please check out http://www.avexnet.or.jp/at2011ta/

PS Note: Ticket preorders are only for TA members who have signed up and paid for membership by 23 January 2011.