Whenever the A team goes overseas, Stan was always there for us.

So, for those of you who just became Hamasaki Ayumi’s fans, here’s a spotlight entry on Stan just for you guys!!

Normally, Stan takes part in movie production, as well as other stuff. But whenever we visit, Stan lends his support to us as a coordinator.

I’m sure many of you know and have experiences with all the different problems we face whenever we go overseas.

Differences in language… Culture… And all that.

So when it comes to that, Stan provides us with lots of support, so things can go smoothly.

He really helped us out many many times.

Thank you!!! (^-^)ゞ

And of course, his smile!!

This super smile always manages to cheer us up.

He sometimes comes to Japan to play too, so if you meet him, please say 「Aloha~♪」

To this man with a big body and

this palm-tree-like topknot ♪

A-STAFF Minazou