Seems like her honeymoon at the Maldives is over, and she’s heading over to LA for a couple of weeks.


ayu_19980408: I’ll be able to meet with everyone soon ( ̄▽ ̄)

uza_cawaii: Who did you meet up with first?
ayu_19980408: Minazou. (laugh)

kero_ayu: You are at a place with good reception? Singapore?
ayu_19980408: Correct ♪

ta__mackey0927: Is ayu-chan coming home alone?

ayu_19980408: Nope.

anteateradvance: thanks for taking a Twitter English vacation! Do you & Mannie have another destination? Can we play the game for it? XD
ayu_19980408: Lets do it!!!bahahaha

Andressa_Kim: you know speak English? Or you use the google translator?
ayu_19980408: Σ(・□・;)

yukiunmei: yaaay let’s play the game~ (^o^)/ =P
ayu_19980408: We have 2hours to get to the next place!!!

my__aura: Woo! Play, play, play do it again?? Bahahaha! Another destination? Give us a hint =DD How’s the weather there??
ayu_19980408: Warm(^_−)−☆

Ander_Hamasaki: Is it in Asia?
ayu_19980408: No♪

TA_adry: oh! if the figth it’s long…. maybe europe or USA!?
ayu_19980408: ( ̄▽ ̄)

anteateradvance: I have no map currently so my WILD guess is to AUSTRIA.
ayu_19980408: Not now(^_−)−☆

MaryKLove: Ayu! You should come to Italy ^^
ayu_19980408: Oh sounds reli cool!!!

foodinglily: OR South America!! Should be warm there and the flight would be longgg~~
ayu_19980408: ( ̄▽ ̄)

my__aura: Warm… Long flight… South america?? =O
ayu_19980408: (^_−)−☆

yukiunmei: did hubby fall asleep? 😛
ayu_19980408: How do u know that?bahaha

_kamaTA_: Do you go to LA♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡ ?
ayu_19980408: Σ(・□・;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saatantan: ayu~~~plz another hints!!
ayu_19980408: There is not South america

Cacotinha: Hawai?
ayu_19980408: Wanna go!!!but not Hawaii

TA_adry: so it’s LA! oooohhh u can change the place u go!!! maybe spain!!XD
ayu_19980408: I was thinking abo that 2!!!

Ander_Hamasaki: L.A??? The game was so easy that we made it difficult…
dulceku_TA: totally XDDD
ayu_19980408: LOL
my__aura: hahahaha xD But we had fun! XD
ayu_19980408: But we can play this game 3~4times more!!!

yurichan00: ayu wants to play again! 😉
ayu_19980408: Coz we r going to next place soon♪

mtrle: Will you come to Austria soon? ^-^ Pleeeeease!!
ayu_19980408: (^_−)−☆

my__aura: LA, and then another place? Is LA for transit?
ayu_19980408: We r gonna stay there about 2weeks and then go to next place!!

mametan_love07: ayu~ What is Mannie doing now~?
ayu_19980408: Kani is sleeping like a log next to me. He’s almost toppling over.

AHS2SA: Sleeping! Aren’t you at the airport now? (・_・;)
ayu_19980408: We are in a restaurant at the airport. We have some free time anyway.

MisKrist: Is LA part of the honey moon, or does Ayu have to work? 😦
ayu_19980408: We just have to do something

ayu_19980408: Oh I have to go☆ Everyone, cya later (^_−)−☆