Since the start of the year, our school’s phy ed 
Has been focusing on creative dance (*’-’*)

We’re split into teams and have to come up with a dance
In the end, the best team…
Will get to perform at the sports meet  in May
And all the Year 2 and 3 girls will be involved too!  (*’-’).:*:

Because dance is my specialty  my team’s choreography

Was mostly…

Done up by me (*/ω\*)
And everyone is working hard to remember the steps (*^^*)

The performance  will be held in 2 day’s time~
But we’re not completely done yet…
So…we’re holding a morning practice session tomorrow! (^^;)

I’m not a morning person…so it’s a little tough for me…
But! It’s just a little more~ (*’-’*)
Work hard and hope to be picked…
I’ll work hard with all my might tomorrow! =3

※This photo was taken at last year’s sports meet ♪