Cram school…just ended,
and we’re here for grilled meat ! (#^.^#)

Today~ was really an exhausting  day f^_^;
And the most exhausting activity…
Was shopping (laugh)

By the way, everyone~
Do you grill your meat  ☆ like this  By putting everything onto the grill at once

My family…
Grills meat  in this stingy way (; ̄ー ̄A 

I don’t like to be in a frenzy when I have my meals…
So I like to grill just the right amount of meat each time (-.-;) 

Is this the personality of blood type A  (_)

Maybe I should try this exciting method of grilling…
Sometime (*’’*) (laugh)


1. Blood type is an important indicator of personality in Japanese culture. Read more here.